Listen to Podcasts featuring Josh Comers..


Jimmy Pardo's 'Never Not Funny' - Episode 1307 

“Roasting chestnuts with Josh Comers”


Sorry I've Been So Busy - Episode 14 

“Matt and Andrew talk to Josh Comers (stand-up comedian and writer for Conan, the Tonight Show and 6 Comedy Central roasts) about working with Dennis Rodman on the Bruce Willis roast, how Twitter has changed in the age of Trump, what happens when a roaster goes off script, and who his dream roastee is.”


Tom McCaffrey's 'Brooklyn' - Episode 12, Episode 21, & Episode 29

“Comedian Tom McCaffrey and guests dissect movies and pop culture while being hilarious.”


Alan Johnson's 'On Comedy Writing' - Episode 70

“Josh Comers (Conan, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) joins Alan to talk about handing out flyers in Times Square for stage time, starting a blog to write monologue jokes, and writing on the Comedy Central Roasts.”


Tell Your Friends! - Episode 6.3 

“In this week's episode of Tell Your Friends! History's Greatest Podcast!, we talk to comedian/writer Josh Comers about his humble beginnings as a Queens-living (and getting stalked by a crazy person) open-mic'er and "barker" (who got punched in the face in Times Square), and his rise to his job writing monologue for Conan, and Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore writer Colleen Werthmann, and how a chance encounter with Steve Martin set her on the path towriting for his Oscars and SNL appearances and...”


Dream Tweet - Adam Felber vs. Josh Comers: 

Josh Comers (Conan) takes on Adam Felber (Real Time with Bill Maher) in a twitter trivia challenge to the death! This time host Jonathan Corbett takes them for a ride. Literally. They are recording in Jon's Mini Cooper. Who will win? Who will run out of air? At one point they almost choke. It gets steamy! 



Team Coco Podcast - Episode 30 - Josh Comers Conan Writer

Hilarious and awesome Mono Writer Josh Comers takes a seat on the couch this week to talk about what it takes to craft the perfect monologue, the pros and cons of huge news stories, and possibly the greatest celeb sighting ever! Listen now!


Jon Fisch, Dan Allen and Dan Shaki - Episode 210 | Josh Comers

Episode 210 | Josh Comers Released 31 March 2010 Josh Comers is a hilarious, sardonic stand up comic who was a writer for Conan O'Brien. After Dan muscles through an awkward SuperMango pitch to Josh, Fisch vents about his clogged kitchen sink, we talk comedy. We argue over when it's okay to change a reference in order to make a joke reach the masses. We get to hear how Conan busts Josh's balls. Plus, Josh gives away some of his writing secrets. 

The morning after with Josh Comers & vanessa Blue

The Morning After... Podcast - Episode 30 - Josh Comers 

Performer-Director-Producer Vanessa Blue and Josh Comers (Writer for Conan on TBS) join Eli and Jake to chit and chat about porn. 



Megaboom!!! - Josh Comers - Josh Comers Swims with Dolphins (and Lars)

Comedian and Conan writer Josh Comers @joshcomers talks about car shows, three legged dogs, and the funniest thing there is.




Proudly Resents - “Leonard Part 6? w/ Josh Comers 


Even Bill Cosby can make mistakes. Conan writer Josh Comers and comedian Jeff Cosgrave (“Lopez Tonight”) join host Adam Spiegelman to talk about a classic fumble, “Leonard Part 6”.



Proudly Resents - “Heart Beeps? w/ Josh Comers 


Andy Kaufman’s Heartbeeps is the subject of Adam Spiegelman’s Proudly Resents podcast as Chris joins Jenna Busch, Conan writer Josh Comers, comedian Brent Weinbach and R2-D2 (Tommy Bechtold) to talk robot love. Plus Tony Clifton tells racist jokes!